So many awesome recipes out there for the beloved bivalve. Here are links to our Top 10 Oy”Star” recipes. And if you want even more, check out our Pinterest page! 

1. Crawfish Raoul vodka-cream sauce (our special recipe in honor of our paw-paw Raoul

2. Sriracha, lime & butter sauce (if you like spicy, this one will be your new fave!)

3. Oysters Mobile, AL style (herby, savory, smoky, mm mmm good!)

4. Mulate’s cajun smoked oysters (cayenne, paprika, parmesean, does it get any better?)

5. Tuscan wood-grilled oysters (you’ve used the common herbs for cooking oysters like thyme and parsley, but what about basil?!)

6–8. We know you like the classics and we do, too:
Charbroiled (from Drago’s)
Rockefeller (from Antoine’s)
Bienville (from Arnaud’s)

9. Blue cheese, bacon and Sriracha (take of leave the Sriracha)

10. Crab Topped Oysters With a Bearnaise Sauce